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Who Are We?

RAFT is comprised of outdoor adventure instructors from various backgrounds with a range of specialities. Whether we spend our time climbing at the local crag, paddling whitewater rapids or catching waves in the ocean our one common thread is our belief that the outdoors should be accessible to everyone, however if our years of experience have taught us anything its that adventure and risk go hand in hand. At RAFT our aim is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to enjoy your hobbies to the fullest, with the added assurance that you can get yourself and your friends out of a sticky situation. Whilst nobody wants to envisage their friends and colleagues in danger, we know that testing our boundaries can be both challenging and intimidating and should the situation become dicey, we all  want to look to someone cool, calm and collected to bring a potentially hazardous day out under control. Why not let that person be you? In any situation that life throws at you, competence breeds confidence and there is no more valuable asset to a team or group than someone who can take clear decisive action when things dont go to plan. Our staff  include beach lifeguards, swift water rescue technicians, search & rescue operatives and emergency medical technicians all of whom have lived experience of how valuable these skills are to anyone who wants to push their limits and increase their overall knowledge and confidence in any situation.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a range of both accredited and non accredited courses that we tailor to meet your needs. We can facilitate a broad spectrum of first aid courses starting at the basics (emergency first aid at work) right up to FREC3 for those wanting to increase their emergency medical knowledge and bolster their repertoire. At RAFT we aim to make every first aid course relevant to you and your lifestyle and can tailor our content to meet the needs of anyone be it MMA practitioners, hiking enthusiasts, water sports aficionados – you name it!

 We provide beach lifeguard and various water safety courses for those who want to expand their knowledge of all things liquid and for those keen to explore a new hobby, we can offer paddlesport proficiency classes where you can learn about various water craft, rescue techniques and environmental factors that will have you exploring with confidence.

Whatever your passion is, at RAFT we’re committed to helping you gain the knowledge to compliment your skills!


At RAFT we can travel to you – we know that travel logistics are time consuming and costly so we are happy to travel to you whether that is your work premises or your favorite swimming hang out, we think that training should mimic the real thing as much as possible. No stuffy conference rooms, we like the real thing!


Whatever your situation, there is always room for improvement and development. Anyone who has a passion for self development and a thirst for knowledge can find something to suit them at RAFT. In addition to great practical skills and relevant knowledge of safety and environment, a course with RAFT can equip you with resilience, confidence and a peace of mind that you can be in control!



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