wet bouldering (gorge walking)

£25-£45 Per Person

Different names for the same thing! It involves moving through rocky terrain formed by the erosion of a mountain stream. Along the way we encounter waterfalls, pools, chutes, rocky steps, holes, slides and often at the end, jumps and swims.

Are you aged 12 or over? Can you doggy paddle? Then you can take the plunge. Being confident in the water certainly helps but you’ll have a wetsuit and a buoyancy aid for warmth and flotation, a safety helmet to protect you noggin’ and guides to encourage you and keep you safe.

No. All our activities are challenge by choice. So, don’t worry, guides will put no pressure on you to jump but, your friends and family might. Who knows, don’t look down and you might surprise yourself!

  • Locations: Bloody Bridge, Newcastle.

  • What to bring: Towel, shorts, old footwear, swimwear, medication (inhalers etc)

  • Equipment provided: Wetsuit, Buoyancy Aid, Helmet, Neoprene gloves & socks

  • Activity duration: 2 ½ hours (including kit up time)

  • Adrenaline level: Medium-High

  • Experience needed: None (you don’t even need to be able to swim)

  • Suited to: Schools, Youth groups, Corporate, Teams, Stags/Hens.

Stunning location. Views of the Mournes & the sea. On a clear day take in the sight of Scotland in the distance.

Choose your level of adrenaline & challenge

Experienced, qualified (NBLQ, Swiftwater Rescue, First Responder) & enthusiastic guides

Photos and all specialist equipment.

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